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What are the signs of people who operate in the Jezebel spirit?

Many people who hear about someone operating in the Jezebel spirit conjure up ideas of a seductive woman dressed scantily, trying to lure a man into a sexual tryst.  In reality most people who have the Jezebel spirit operate much more demurely than that, although most all will have a secret sexual side to them that is not healthy, selfish and manipulative.  So just what are the signs if a person is operating in that spirit? People who operate in the spirit of Jezebel will always have many similar characteristics across the board, whether they are a woman or a man.  The first that you will notice is that they although they are very demanding and controlling, they will always behave out of an inner fear and anxiety level which stems from not growing up in a unconditional loving home with a father (or mother) which gives them a spirit of insecurity and fear.  They must be in control and get there way. They will manipulate you through statements to get you to feel sorry for them or to make you feel indebted to them.  Often times it will appear very obvious to you while they think they are being…

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