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God is purifying those in the church operating in the spirit of Jezebel

God is in the process of exposing all those in His church who have been operating in the Jezebel spirit their entire lives.  He is saying "Enough is enough!"  I am seeing churches all over the world who have reached out to me struggling for keeping people accountable and getting them freed from the spirit of Jezebel as it has been an epidemic of worldwide proportions.  So many who have held leadership positions, worship leaders, associate and assistant pastors, senior pastors and their wives, elders and deacons.  God is saying "You may think you can get away with it in private but I see what you are doing and I will expose you and remove from you the position that you have been operating in as your sins will find you out." My ministry has been receiving more and more desperate calls from people / pastors to help them with people in their churches and ministries who have operated for years / lifetimes in the Jezebel spirit and they are losing their churches and ministries and cities because of it.  No more can we tolerate that spirit.  No more can we turn the other way and hope that it just…

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