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Extreme personal sacrifice can develop into an extreme anointing from the Lord

When one is enduring an extreme tribulation in life, the Lord can use it later in our lives as an extreme anointing from Him when coming out the other side healed, redeemed and restored.  There is a vast difference between enduring an extreme circumstance when you have no choice in life (such as verbal abuse as a child or worse) and then willingly allowing yourself to be taken advantage of or emotionally abused (or worse) in a marriage. When one is a child and grows up with a parent (or both) who treat you with rejection, control, criticism or worse, there is much pain that develops which the enemy uses later in life.  The enemy whispers to you that you cannot trust anyone and based out of fear, you become very controlling and can be abusive to other relationships in life, sabotaging them.  But once healed later in life, through forgiveness and possibly through renunciation prayers commanding any enemy spirits, such as Jezebel or Leviathan, to be gone from your life, you can develop an anointing from the Lord to help many others get freed. When a person is married to someone who treats them with contempt, verbally criticizing them…

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