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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Friday, January 18 2019
07:00 PM CST - 09:00 PM CST
Freedom Night @ Journey U - Houston, TX
Journey U, Houston TX
Saturday, January 19 2019
01:00 PM CST - 05:00 PM CST
Deliverance Training / Equipping Conf @ Journey U - Houston, TX
Journey U, Houston TX
Sunday, February 3 2019
10:00 AM CST - 12:00 PM CST
Freedom Day @ COOL Ministries in Houston, TX
C.O.O.L. Ministries, Houston TX
Friday, April 26 2019
07:00 PM MDT - 09:00 PM MDT
Freedom Night @ Everlasting Covenant Congregation in Billings, MT
Everlasting Covenant Congregation, Billings MT
Saturday, April 27 2019
01:00 PM MDT - 05:00 PM MDT
Deliverance Training / Equipping Conference @ Everlasting Covenant Congregation in Billings, MT
Everlasting Covenant Congregation, Billings MT
Friday, May 3 2019
07:00 PM MDT - 09:00 PM MDT
Freedom Night in Idaho Falls, ID
TBD, Idaho Falls, ID, Idaho Falls ID
Saturday, May 4 2019
01:00 PM MDT - 05:00 PM MDT
Deliverance Training / Equipping / Impartation in Idaho Falls, ID
TBD, Idaho Falls, ID, Idaho Falls ID

What happens to a person when they are sexually molested or assaulted?

What happens when a person is sexually molested, raped or suffers incest?  We all know that people who have experienced this trauma will usually develop a strong sense of fear, lack of trust of people (especially from the same sex that caused the sexual trauma), anger, desire to control other people and sexual desires in their own lives are not pure.  But what happens from the spiritual side that no one can see? At the point that the sexual trauma occurs, the person will have demonic spirits that have a legal right to transfer into them and begin their torment by speaking to them in their head.  The spirit of Jezebel has a right to come into them and will then start speaking to them in their thoughts, causing them to hear their voices telling them that they cannot trust anyone, and to take out their anger on the same sex as the person who molested them (if a boy is molested by another boy then he can also take out his anger on his future wife).  If a girl is molested or raped by a boy or man, she will hear the voices telling her she can never trust…

How to find the real deal and marry a godly mate

So many people in the world simply want to be loved unconditionally by another person in a committed and trusted marriage for a lifetime. Unfortunately, most people have been hurt when growing up in their childhoods by fathers or mothers who were not present, distant, unloving, critical, controlling, or at the worst case of the spectrum - had abused their children emotionally, physically, and even sexually. Then when the child grew up, he or she heard thoughts in their minds that they thought were their own but were not. The enemy whispered thoughts into their minds such as "Your father did not love you," "You cannot trust your father to protect you," "Your mother wishes you were never born," "Your father hates you," "It is all your fault," "You cannot trust anyone in your life to protect or love you," etc. The enemy whispered these thoughts to them, causing them to believe that the thoughts they were listening to for a lifetime were the truth. Therefore, they began to replay those thoughts in their minds thousands of times, over and over throughout their lives. They began to reason that they could not trust anyone else in their lives and that…

So what are the behavior traits of a person operating in the Jezebel spirit?

So what are the common behaviors that people who have endured pain from a father or mother (or have been raped or molested) towards their spouse, children or others in the work place or at church?  Below is a list of some common traits and, if one is truly honest (and that is the key - that the one reading it must be totally honest with themselves), they will probably identify with some or many of them.  The more of the pain that they have endured in their life from a father that was overly controlling, rejecting, and hurtful or a mother that was void of unconditional love the more of the behaviors they will exhibit. The more behavior traits that they exhibit the stronger the enemy spirit’s control of them will be and the harder it will be for them to admit they may have an underlying issue and the more challenging it will be for them to get free from the unhealthy control of the enemy.  There is a continuum and some may only exhibit a few of the behaviors, thus the spirit is not as strong upon them although it could still be present and active.  If…

Are you limiting God from being able to bless you?

Do you like to receiving blessings and favor from the Lord?  Do you like connections that God makes for you divinely without having to call anyone to make it happen for you? Do you like to be surprised by checks in the mail, walking in divine health from the Lord and having peace 24/7? Do you like to be blessed with an all expense paid vacation to a tropical paradise in the middle of winter? Who doesn't love that kind of life? Yet many of us are living lives that block the blessings and favor from occurring  due to wounds in our souls from others that have hurt us where we still have unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, jealousy, pride, controlling / manipulation and even what would be considered operating in witchcraft, even though we have attended church or have operated in a ministry for many years. When we operate out of a wounded soul we do things that are of the enemy and not of God.  We are not pure and righteous before the Lord and when we are hearing the enemy whisper to us in our minds, we do things to others that are not good.  We betray confidences out…

What is the main reason families' struggles are generational?

Have you ever thought about why a child struggles with the same vices, addictions and bad behaviors that their mother or father struggled with?  Have you ever noticed a correlation when a child operates in anger, hatred, sexual sins, drinking alcohol excessively, wanting to control and manipulate others that their father or mother was also very controlling, manipulative, spoke words of anger and demanded to get their way. What does the Bible say about sins of the fathers (and for that matter mothers) being visited upon future generations? In Exodus 34:6-7 Moses was conversing with the Lord in a cloud and it states "6 And the Lord passed before him and proclaimed, "The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness and truth, 7 keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the father upon the children and the children's children to the third and the fourth generation." So just why would the sins of the fathers go down their blood line to the 3rd and 4th generations? And how does this occur?  Let's say a man gets married and raises a son.  He…

How to handle when people with Jezebel/Leviathan lie about you

What do you do when a person with the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan comes against you that you are not married to?  How should you react when they lie about you and hurt you deeply to your family or friends or church?  Should you confront them directly and demand that they apologize to you?  Should you block them on Facebook and never speak to them again unless they say they are sorry? It has been my experience that the best way to handle them is to go to the Lord and get insight from the Holy Spirit and respond accordingly.  Unfortunately, most of us feel anger rise up in us (and the enemy is whispering to us loudly at that point) and we want to handle it in the flesh. Then you lower yourself to the enemy’s field and you will usually lose. Although every situation is unique, more often than not it is usually best to simply take it to prayer and give them to the Lord to do the correcting.  If we get into a physical battle of words then usually the person with the Jezebel/Leviathan spirit will win because they are professionals at lying, denying, blame…

True revival occurs when the church gets delivered from the influence of demons

If a person gives their life to the Lord, then joins a church where they are being taught by a pastor or other leaders who are operating in the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan, what happens?  Unfortunately they will be hurt because those spirits in the leadership will control, manipulate, lie, deceive, lead people into pride and otherwise cause them to be hurt and shut down.  They will condemn them into feeling worthless and belittled.  They will cause them to become religious and not operate in the true freedom of the Lord.  If they teach them about their identity in Christ yet discourage them from getting delivered from the influence of demonic voices whispering in their heads that have a legal right to continue to harm them, they will never be able to truly walk in freedom. Thus until the church leaders and ministries get themselves right and pure in the Lord, being honest and forthright, being set freed from any demonic voices that are causing them to control and manipulate other people, then revival will not be able to occur and be long lasting.  Jezebel and Leviathan are causing most churches to be stagnant or people are changing churches…

How do you handle a person with Jezebel who refuses to get free?

So many people around the world are finally getting set freed from the spirit of Jezebel (and Leviathan which always accompanies Jezebel).  The spirit of Jezebel causes people to control, manipulate and demand their way over another person (their spouse, children, people in church, work, etc).  They have a strong spirit of pride and arrogance and usually a sexually selfish side.  Many marriages are being restored and families healed.  But some people who finally have been made aware that they are operating in that spirit, have such a strong spirit of pride that they will deny they have it and refuse to get delivered from it.  So what should you do? It depends what kind of personal relationship you have with them.  If you are married, have a parent who has Jezebel, sibling, minister with them, or work with them or attend school.  In most cases the short answer is to simply limit your interaction with them because you will have no peace with them if you do.  They will either pull you in to them to feel sorry for them and cause you to spend an inordinate amount of time with them causing you to be pulled away from…

The seeds you sow today will cause you to reap a harvest in your future of good or bad fruit

Have you ever wondered when a person wrongs you over and over why they do not seem to be corrected by the Lord?  When a person lies about you to others and causes them to turn away from you when you have done nothing of what they have spoken, how does that make you feel when they seem to be able to continue in their ways?  We all know people at church or ministries who do not have the love of the Lord in their hearts.  We also know people who are in positions of leadership and power who wield it in an ungodly way to make themselves look good while hurting those under them. So why does it appear that they get away with it and are not corrected by the Lord?  Why do people who do bad things continue to keep their positions in the church, at work or in your relationships? need to take a look at the big picture as God sees it.  God knows what He is doing.  Sometimes these people doing bad things will change, repent and become very godly and pure in the future (i.e. Paul in the Bible, Todd White of…

What to do when people believe lies about you

Jesus dealt with people believing lies about him.  Paul had to endure much criticism,  twisted thinking and even hatred from those who were unbelievers but even those who were supposed to be his friends.  It is par for the course.  When you choose to serve the Lord you will suffer persecution.  Its just sad when its "friendly fire" from people you thought were there to love and support you.  But even Jesus was denied by Peter three times.  Yet when Jesus came back from the dead He looked for Peter and affirmed him that He would build his church on the rock that Peter really was. So what are we to do when we are truly doing our best to do everything that God is asking us to do, yet people whisper lies about us to try to bring us down? What are you to do when you are loving people like Christ loved the church, and still they lie about you to others, separating long time friendships based on a false truth?  When you have laid your life down for others and died to your selfish desires and yet perhaps one person (who may have the spirit of Jezebel)…

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