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When men operate in the Jezebel spirit their wives often get sick and some die early

Over the past few years I have ministered to thousands of people around the world, of which about 85% have been women.   Women who have grown up with deep father wounds who have developed the Jezebel spirit causing them to control, manipulate, deceive and destroy their marriages and taint ministries.  While it is my conclusion that more women reach out for counsel and help than men, it has also been my observation that when i do have a man who reaches out to me who is operating under the Jezebel spirit, that their wives often times are dealing with sickness in their bodies, and some sometimes even die in their 40’s and 50’s.  Why is that?

When men operate in the Jezebel spirit, they (like women) are very controlling and manipulative with their words.  Women are meant to be cherished, loved and treasured by men who were created to be their protectors and knights in shining armor.  When a man verbally tears them down, berates them, every day for months and years, it takes a severe toll on the health of their wives.  Many have kept it a secret for years and sometimes their entire marriages over decades.  Ultimately their immune systems are on overload and they simply cannot survive anymore.

I know of many cases where women who were married to Jezebel men have  developed cancer and died in their 40’s or early 50’s.  Then the men, who appear to be loving and debonair, charismatic and women draw to them, get remarried to another woman.  Then soon after they are married, their new wife begins to get sick as she cannot take the behind the scenes verbal abuse and her body starts to shut down.  Some women have developed diseases where they can only eat certain foods, are exhausted and have other infirmities that they can not get healed from.

So what should a woman do when married to a man who is extremely controlling and manipulative?  Many times she goes to a counselor or pastor for help.  Most pastors and counselors are not trained to spot people who operate in the Jezebel spirit and the person who has Jezebel is a master at twisting the truth, lying, and blaming their spouse for things instead of being honest.  Thus counseling does not work with them as they will tell the counselor what they want to hear, then go home and continue the domination.  Only if the person realizes that they have Jezebel and then decides to command it to go will they ever change.  So what is a wife to do if their husband refuses to get rid of Jezebel once confronted?  They must separate for their own health in order to live in peace and stop the constant assaults.

Once separated they need to have their husbands address their situation with someone who has helped others to get freed from the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits.  Leviathan causes people to behave very pridefully and twists the truth, shifting the blame to their spouse or others that they have relationship  with. If they don’t get away from their husband, their bodies will continue to shut down and they could ultimately die prematurely.

If their husbands refuse to seek help from someone who has an anointing for delivering people from Jezebel, then they have to make a decision to stay married or not.  I am never an advocate of getting a divorce, but if a person is not willing to admit to their abuse and meet with a person who deals with deliverance from Jezebel, then you must decide if it is worth dying to live with them.  It is a very tough situation.  I know personally.  I had to separate from a wife who was extremely controlling, manipulative and deceptive and tried to stop me from helping people in ministry.  I reluctantly chose to separate after the Lord told me to.  But she was not honest in the one counseling session we went to and the pastor who counseled us was oblivious to the Jezebel spirit. After she lied about all the abuse she did to me,  she chose to divorce me because she could no longer control me.  It was her 4th divorce. Ultimately the Lord then brought me thousands of people around the world and they got freed from the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits and saved their marriages and ministries. So it was worth it in the end, like the Lord told me when He asked me to suffer in silence without telling anyone for 6 years until then releasing me and having me separate to be restored to freedom.

It has also been my observance that when a person is married to someone with Jezebel, that they are pushed to the brink of their sanity.  And many cannot stand it and rise up on occasion to defend themselves. They are provoked and provoked, over and over again, and can no longer take it.  Depending on the level of patience in the person who is the victim of the abuse, that person may be so provoked that they retaliate out of trying to just stop the extreme abuse.  They become someone that they aren’t for a brief time during the verbal barrage.

Jezebel affects more women than men due to their hearts being hurt more easily by father wounds, but when men are hurt by fathers who were either absent or extremely abusive, then the women who marry them are put in danger from the constant verbal and emotional abuse that they endure behind closed doors.  It is definitely the main reason for strife in marriage and the number one reason for divorce between couples.  One spouse is extremely controlling over the other.  One spouse has the Jezebel spirit and the other has the Ahab spirit.  When both get set free from those spirits, they can finally live in peace and have no strife.  They can become who they really are in Christ.  Loving, pure, gentle and sweet.  Mighty men and women of valor.  They can finally become who they were created by God to be.  Being restored to freedom is a beautiful thing.

24 Replies to “When men operate in the Jezebel spirit their wives often get sick and some die early”

  • The clashing of Leviathian and Jezebel in families can be exhausting. Sometimes a person feels they want to divorce a family or more. I do see the provoking control belittling berating manipulation when people can’t have their way.
    I am very encouraged reading blogs and my understanding is increasing.
    My husband and I no longer tolerate this in our lives or around our lives.
    However, their is much division stress, because of those spirits in others. “Why can’t people just love and forgive?” So much more to learn on refusing to act or react in the enemies way or ways. Jesus is health, wholeness, completeness, we strive for him not striving with others. Thank you. Have a blessed and gracefully victorious day.

  • Yep. Both men and women can have opened the door to, and kept it opened for, this spirit to squat their lives. It takes time, and often much destruction, before it is revealed.

    I’m still hurting deeply when I look back. But our own story is much bigger than a Jezebel presence, and reaches much further than our marriage. Every Jezebel needs an Ahab, they say. We can all happen to be catering to the tyranny of this leeching and controlling spirit at one point or another in our lives. How else are we going to learn to defeat it?

    Sadly, a husband can believe he is loving and serving his wife, even if at times it requires great sacrifice, yet finds himself serving an entity that devours, while the wife and friend he knows is nowhere in sight anymore. This chasm within the home can cause great damage, and generate dynamics that can distract from real core issues, and cause the marriage to shipwreck.

    There is healing and wholeness when we decide to walk into the destiny God has for us individually. If two spouses cannot find a way to team up, if their relationship has been infected to the point of them both being toxic for one another, then it is better to separate. At least to let each other discover the dynamics at play in their own lives from before the marriage, dysfunctions that have been established from early on to survive severe childhood abuse.

    Without understanding and accepting each other’s divine blueprint, without there being a restoration from lifelong dysfunctions rather than scapegoating or acting out rejection and isolation, without a mutual vulnerability and humility, and respect of boundaries, without a commitment to seek and find, there can be little fruit. God can and desires to rebuild and restore to freedom, indeed. But first we need to be able to “name” what is going on. Even if we don’t like what we find.

    It is sad that so many marriages fail because spouses cannot find help and put in the work it takes to conquer the forces against them as a team. Perfection not required, but willing heart necessary, with evidence of fruit. Just talk to one another, and when you become self-aware, find a good counselor together. The enemy is after the image of God in marriages. We are in a story bigger than ourselves.

    Sorry for the long post… Grace and blessings.

    • Amen! God is in the restoration business but we must be willing to admit the truth and look at ourselves in the mirror and if we are operating out of an impure spirit of Jezebel / Leviathan / Ahab then we must repent and change.

  • ;I really need help can you pray for me to get out of this relationship. No matter what I tried to do to get away from him I’m still drawn back in and stuck with him he’s manipulative and verbally abusive and because I don’t agree with him there’s constant hell in the house. He y e l l s so loud. Now my ears ring 24 hours a day. I am in brief and cannot get out of the relationship please call me stupid retard loser horrible cuss names. No matter how hard I try to read educate myself to get out of my situation I can’t seem to do it and cannot move forward it’s like running up against a brick wall and I have been in a situation for 21 years.

    • You need to get delivered from the spirit of Ahab and he needs to get delivered from Jezebel / Leviathan. You can find my deliverance prayer on my KBN-TV section in my website. The first one from September 2017

    • Julia, look up trauma bonding. It’s a thing. Separate, no contact, heal. I know it’s hard. I know. It doesn’t have to be, let go of the fear and let go of the feelings of unworthiness. Get back your relationship with God. Read your Bible, calm your mind, and know you are worth it. You have to know that you are worth it. God knows you are worth it and you need to draw your strength from Him. If you don’t feel special, let Him make you special. If you don’t feel your worth, find your worth in Him. You are not drawn back in unless you allow yourself to be and with God at your side that is not allowable. Grab hold of redemption and never let go. You are worth it. I promise you that you are worth the good that comes from God.

  • I don’t think I have a spirit of Ahab I’m not passive or non-cofrontational. I try to talk things out with him but he does not have those skills he instead goes onto a rage.

    I have tried to escape 3 times over the years but just keep getting pulled back in. I have no support.

    I can’t seem to get out of poverty to get out of here and cannot handle any stress anymore. For some reason I can’t move forward in anything.

    • Let God do it. You are correct you cant do it. You just believe. Praying for you. There is hope. Jesus will fix it. I know he will.

  • I am the same way. I don’t think I have an Ahab spirit either. I’m way too outspoken. Perhaps in earlier years when I was completely ignorant and confounded by this life of mine, but I believe I’ve been delivered if that was the case. Of course, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut because it just causes trouble that never gets resolved, and other people either don’t understand or are flying monkeys. I’ve been separated over and over, and was no contact for the better part of last year, and for several months solid, but poverty forced me back as well. I would be homeless (again) if it weren’t for him coming to get me (which I didn’t ask him to do), but now I’m back where I started. And it’s even more complicated now, because I got into trouble when I was homeless (never have been in this kind of trouble) and I don’t have the means to get myself out of it because I’m on disability, so I’m trapped harder than I was to start with. I don’t understand any of this. I’ve been praying hard for months and months, but I feel I really need a deliverance minister like Nelson Shuman, and I’d do anything I can manage to make it happen. I’m desperate for understanding and deliverance! I long for a future and a hope, and to know I can help my child should he need help from this spirit as well.

  • Wow, just wow. I just came across this site and I am blown away by what I am reading. I married a man who tricked me but God showed me that I chose to ignore the signs. I dreamt that he tricked me and then imprisoned me. (this was after I divorced him). He was so cruel to me for 6 long, painful years. The part about getting sick is what shocks me and yet does not. We got married in October and by December I was severely ill and remained sick for a full year. I went through a healing ministry and got partly better. But even now after I have been completely separated from him and haven’t seen him in 2 1/2 years I still have health issues I am dealing with. I know a lot of it is because of the trauma he put me through. a little over a year ago I went through another emotional trauma because of his lies and trickery and I found out that the whole time we were married he was married to someone else. I want healing, I do feel a large percentage healed, but I want the physical part to catch up.

    • Yes the Jezebel/Leviathan spirit on a man takes a toll on their wife. So glad that you are freed from him and his demons and are now recovering. Praying that you are 100% healed and whole.

  • My husband is in denial that he has Jezebel leviathan spirit he has bipolar also
    I have him on a mineral to balance bipolar. He doesn’t believe he needs deliverance. I will be married 13 years in dec. we e suppose to minister together we have gotten prophecies we have end time heal m deliverance ministry. I’m trying to stay in word it’s been tough he controls I tell him he controls he says I do, he twists n lies at me. I left once n he got me back we’ve gone to counseling pastors don’t know how to deal with Jezebel n he lies n they end up getting us out of church n looking at me as if I’m wrong. My husband is a narcassict. I’ve been sick constantly I don’t know what to do. His first wife died of cancer. I’ve had fibromyalgia but I overcame that my one side of teeth dropped have h pylori stomach issues weight went up 6p pounds from stress had bizarre events hit in head by Alzheimer’s patient has post concussion m I hurt back n arm n twisted foot. I lost s good state job n am a caregiver now. He could never find work we live on his disability n he works four hrs a week caregiving. He is not motivated to look for work. He likes to cook n wash dishes n sometimes vacuums. This is his way of being in s marriage. He looks st woman constantly n sometimes asks if there single m he denies he doesn’t look nor say if there single. What should I do.

  • I was married for 25 years to a man who have all the characteristics of Jezebel/Leviathan spirits. He abused me verbally, psychologically and physically. I was so attached to him and so fearful that i wasn’t able to get away from him. Now i know that i had an Achab spirit. I suffered tremendously through all those years and like you described i became very ill and remained sick for about 10 years. Two times i was about to die, the first time from a pulmonary embolism in 2006 and the second time in 2009 from a heart issue. During those 10 years i developed something called MCI leading to dementia, i was only 43 years old and no family history of dementia. In 2011 one day i was praying and begging the Lord to free me from such marriage and He told me that He was going to free me soon so i can serve Him to accomplish my calling. Two years later my ex husband left telling me that he had found someone else who he was in love with, that other person was a man. I filed for divorce and now I’m living a very peaceful life serving the Lord. I continue being healed by the Lord physically, emotionally and mentally. I praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy!!!

    • So sorry that you had to endure that and so happy that you are now living at peace and able to serve the Lord. So many people are married to people with Jezebel/Leviathan and controlled and hurt deeply. Our goal at RTF is to make people aware, and present the truth, then pray that they choose to get delivered. If they reject the truth then the Lord will provide a way out.

  • I am 34 and my spouse is 48 we have been together for over 13 years and throughout it all he has cheated on me lied to me and pretty much does whatever he wants while i stay home being a homemaker with hardly ever having any privileges of pampering myself or ever getting any credit for anything every time he walks through the door i am hollered at about how nothing i do i right and hpw im worthless and not good for anything and how know one will ever want me because im ugly and homely and look like trailer trash. I can never do anything right for him or for my family i am humiliated in front of my children daily i have to beg like i am his child for money anytime i need to buy something for the children or the household. He tells me that im hurting myself when i hurt from the emotional pain after i find out about another woman he has cheated on me with because i cant let it go. He tells me he will not cheat anymore but he cant stick to his promise but then when he is caught cheating again he tells me its my fault because look at me who wouldn’t want to find something better because i look so homely and run down but yet he doesn’t want to invest any money in me fixing my appearance up he would rather run to a bar and invest money i to boozing a woman up there and running off with her for the night. We also lost a child which would have been my 2nd child when i was 20 but would have beem probably his 10th child he was not supportive throughout any of it instead he was more worried about running off to a bar to find another woman he could go have sex with and tells me to deal with it because thats what hes going to do and it’ll either make. He does no wrong in his eyes and everything is my fault and when i beg him to go see a counselor he tells me absolutely we can setup an appointment to find out what is wrong with me to get me fixed because there is nothing wrong with him. I dont know what to do anymore and im not sure what it will take to fix these issues or if its even fixable but im willing to do anything to fix the issues.

  • I have been tormented for 21 years. I could never figure out what was wrong with my wife. I am attending an Assembly of God and had a Freedom Night. I learned that my wife has the spirit of Jezebel and Liavation to make things worse, I had the spirit of Ahab. With the Grace of God, I got delivered from Ahab. I need help

    • Great to hear!! So now your wife will need to get freed from Jezebel / Leviathan and then you will both have tremendous peace and joy.

  • Wow! Don’t know how to start. My husband is controlling and accuses me for all his setbacks. He told me that I have mermaid spirit and that they planted me in his life to kill him. I got pregnant and found out that I have fibroid. Towards the end of pregnancy I was told my child had hydrocephalus. My husband lost his job 3 months after I gave birth. We began to struggle. No finance. My husband called me one morning and asked me if he married the wrong wife. A month after when we were coming back from church he told me I was hindering him from progressing. Lost my child and now I am pregnant the finances has stopped coming again and I keep having nightmares. I have prayed and have gone to church for deliverance. Anytime I want to get a job something happens and the job slips away. A pastor told my husband that I will not give birth to the child I am carrying that I will die. I need help.

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