Powerfully Effective Prayers of Deliverance

Attached are some extremely powerful prayers that when prayed will break off generational curses / sicknesses that ran in your family to you and other demonic spirits that can attach themselves to you through pain from controlling parents as well as through sins from your parents that came down your blood line and could be affecting you.

Covenant Of Marriage

So many people are getting divorced today that very few have ever realized what the covenant of marriage really is.

Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

What every Christian should know about spiritual warfare

The Believers Authority – by Kenneth E Hagin

What you should know about your authority as a believer and how to speak to your mountains of physical pain and circumstances and see healings and miracles


Nelson L. Schuman is founder and president of Restored To Freedom in Carmel, IN. He is an author, writer, dynamic speaker and teacher ministering restoration of lives and marriages. He has an extremely strong anointing for deliverance, physical healings and providing prophetic insightful words from the Lord. He is also the Director of the Healing Rooms at New Life Assembly of God in Noblesville, IN   Nelson graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Sales and Marketing and has received ministry training through Bethel Church, Todd White, Robby Dawkins, Bob Hazlett, Joan Hunter, Kenneth Copeland, Morris Cerullo, Kenneth Hagin,…
Keep Your Peace On

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