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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Sunday, October 22 2017
11:00 AM EDT - 01:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at Together We Stand Christian Church - 10:00 am CDT
Together We Stand Christian Church, Missouri City TX
Thursday, October 26 2017 to Saturday, October 28 2017
08:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Azusa 17 / The Next Generation of Generals Igniting The World @ 7 pm CDT
Together We Stand Christian Church, Missouri City TX
Sunday, October 29 2017
09:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Worldwide Deliverance Session - Facebook LIVE
Restored to Freedom, Carmel Indiana
Friday, November 3 2017
08:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at Bible Study Group (San Antonio) @ 7 pm CDT
Private Home, Boerne TX
Sunday, November 5 2017
08:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom Night (San Antonio) @ 7 pm CDT
Private Home, Boerne TX
Thursday, November 9 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 09:00 PM EDT
Pastors and Leaders Workshop
Private home, Connersville IN
Sunday, November 12 2017
05:00 PM EDT - 07:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at YOUTH - Higher Praise Worship Center
Higher Praise Worship Center, Connersville IN
Monday, November 13 2017
06:00 PM EDT - 08:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at Betterdayz - Addiction Recovery
Faith Christian School, Connersville IN
Tuesday, November 14 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 09:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at Faith Builders Ministry
Faith Builders Ministry, Muncie IN
Wednesday, November 15 2017
06:30 PM EDT - 08:30 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at Higher Praise Worship Center
Higher Praise Worship Center, Connersville IN
Friday, November 17 2017
12:00 PM EDT - 01:00 PM EDT
Nuu Faith Radio Interview with Nelson Schuman by Holly Webb
Nuu Faith Radio, Indianapolis IN
Saturday, November 18 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 09:00 PM EDT
The 2017 Breakthrough - Breaking The Cycle of Addictions
The RO-NA Cultural Center, Ironton OH
Thursday, December 7 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 09:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom at Harrison (Cincinnati) Ohio
Civic Center, Harrison OH

Choosing A Godly Mate

So many people in the world simply want to be loved unconditionally by another person in a committed marriage for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, most people have been hurt when growing up in their childhoods by fathers or mothers who were not present, distant, unloving, critical, controlling or at the worst case of the spectrum – had abused their children emotionally, physically and even sexually.  Then when the child grew up, he or she heard thoughts in their minds that they thought were their own but were not.  The enemy whispered thoughts into their minds such as “Your father did not love you,” “You cannot trust your father to protect you,” “Your mother wishes you were never born,” “Your father hates you,” “It is all your fault,” “You cannot trust anyone in your life to protect or love you,” etc. The enemy whispered these thoughts to them, causing them to believe that the thoughts they were listening to for a lifetime were the truth.  Therefore, they began to replay those thoughts in their minds thousands of times, over and over their entire life.  They began to reason that they cannot trust anyone else in their lives, and that they must get…

Characteristics of the Jezebel Spirit

Listed below are some of the more common characteristics of someone who is suffering from the Jezebel spirit: They are usually charismatic in personality and very determined to get work and ministry projects completed no matter what stands in their way. They are natural born leaders that are driven to succeed and accomplish goals at all costs.  If someone tries to steer them off course they will not be persuaded and will remove all obstacles from their path in order to complete the plan.   Will see significant energy bursts yet also feel lethargic at times. When in solitude at the end of the day they feel exhausted and depressed due to all the tormenting thoughts from the enemy. Friends would view them as fun to be around as they are usually full of energy but once they are back home behind closed doors and alone they will feel tired and depleted when their restricted conscience (aka the true Holy Spirit) whispers to them the truth.   Likes to be the center of attention and often times the life of the party – so when they come into a room full of people they love people to gravitate towards them…

God is purifying those in the church operating in the spirit of Jezebel

God is in the process of exposing all those in His church who have been operating in the Jezebel spirit their entire lives.  He is saying "Enough is enough!"  I am seeing churches all over the world who have reached out to me struggling for keeping people accountable and getting them freed from the spirit of Jezebel as it has been an epidemic of worldwide proportions.  So many who have held leadership positions, worship leaders, associate and assistant pastors, senior pastors and their wives, elders and deacons.  God is saying "You may think you can get away with it in private but I see what you are doing and I will expose you and remove from you the position that you have been operating in as your sins will find you out." My ministry has been receiving more and more desperate calls from people / pastors to help them with people in their churches and ministries who have operated for years / lifetimes in the Jezebel spirit and they are losing their churches and ministries and cities because of it.  No more can we tolerate that spirit.  No more can we turn the other way and hope that it just…

Stop looking for your mate to complete you and start looking to God

There are so many people in the world who have put their own lives in the hands of their mate to complete them and are missing Christ's mark by a wide margin.  The Lord is calling his men and women to come up to a higher standard of purity, righteousness and walking as a mighty man or woman of valor and to stop lowering their standards to that of their ungodly spouse or future spouse.  God is waking up His people to realize that if you put your faith in a man or woman whose lives are not as they should be, in order to keep you from feeling lonely, then you have already missed the mark.  We should be living a life pleasing to God in all ways, freed from any demons that have a right to torment us, and then we will be healthy to either pick a mate who is also healthy, or if we are already married - to live in obedience to Christ completely. There are so many single people who are compromising their values, respect and honor, in order to be in relationship with another person.  Unfortunately these "other persons" many times are not…

The world is waking up to realizing how real the Jezebel spirit truly is

There is a very positive momentum that we are witnessing take place around the world concerning the Jezebel spirit.  Each week more and more are learning about how the Jezebel spirit has been affecting their lives, marriages and churches / ministries.  Wherever people have a strong desire to unhealthily control another person, to manipulate them in order to get their own way, there is usually a spirit of Jezebel that is whispering to them causing them to behave that way.  Invariably the person with the Jezebel spirit is controlling a person who is more loving, calm and easy to control. All the person has to do who has Jezebel is to raise their voice, become angry or rage, and everyone will do what they want.  But then they will never have peace in their lives and few close friends because of it. We are seeing more and more people around the world who are becoming aware of why their spouse controls them so much.  Why their spouse whispers lies behind their back in order to get other people to have a negative view of them so that they can look good.  People are finally having to deal with the 800…

The Lord wants you to enjoy adventure in life

Life is an adventure.  We do not know exactly how each day, month or year will turn out.   It is a series of seasons that we all go through.  Some seasons are hard, tumultuous and scary.  Some seasons are enjoyable and has fun surprises in store.  But ultimately the Lord wants us all to trust Him the entire way and not get into fear, frustration or anger at any time.  When we totally trust the Lord we can relax when we are going through a tough season of life, knowing that God is working all things for our good. In a real sense the Lord wants His children to take various adventures in their lives.  In my own life I have gone from a regular corporate job for my entire career up until 2013 when I began to transition out from a regular paycheck to having to depend on the Lord to provide all of my income.  It took several years for me to learn to completely trust the Lord and now i have no regular income to depend on.  My only sources of income are from donations, speaking engagements at churches and conferences and home meetings, royalties from…

The secret to true unconditional love

This morning after I woke up from a dream, the Lord told me that He wanted me to write a blog talking about love.  That there are so many people in the world who have been hurt by other people and just want to be loved unconditionally by someone.  The Lord also told me to correlate what is actually happening on a spiritual level to cause people to hurt other people, thus causing so many to have broken hearts and not be able to trust anyone to love them again.  Therefore that is the focus of my blog today. There is a song by the Beetles called "All you need is love" that has as a part of the song the following lyrics: "All you need is love, All you need is love, All you need is love, love, Love is all you need" So many people in the world want someone to love them, yet do not see themselves in the world as those who are married to them see them.  Women in particular want their husband to unconditionally love them, listen to them express their concerns, hopes and dreams, hug them, cuddle with them, put their arms around them, hold…

Don't happy!

For many people, worry and fear is a constant state of life.  They worry about their children, their spouse, their finances, their job, their health, and on and on it goes.  Worry is fear based, which is a spirit of the enemy.  The enemy whispers to you in order to get you on his territory so that he can torment you to never enjoy peace in your life.  Peace should be normal for every Christian but we know so many in the church who call themselves Christians, who are are fearful everyday.  They think about what could happen that could be bad.  They come up with many scenarios how they could lose their home or farm, how they won't have enough money to pay for their bills, how they may lose their spouse if this or that happens. It is so critical to be aware where your thoughts are coming from.  Anything that causes you to fear, worry, become angry, take an offense of otherwise lose your peace, is always from the enemy.  FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  The enemy is real and will whisper to you in your mind and if you do not shut him down,…

God wants you to enjoy your life

Last weekend the Lord reminded me to not lose focus, that although so many people that I minister to have endured much heartache and pain, that He still wants us all to ultimately enjoy our lives.  In fact, He wanted to bless me personally to enjoy some experiences which would bring joy to my heart.  So many people have experienced harsh treatment from fathers or mothers, spouses, children, employers, etc., and although it is not fun to go through these experiences, ultimately the Lord wants to use your challenges that you had endured to help others to get through the pains of their pasts so they can crossover to enjoying the latter part of their lives.  God wants to bless us with the desires of our hearts, whether simple things like eating certain foods, walking in nature, or singing to worship music. This past weekend I have been staying in the Houston area as the Lord is having me do some ministry July 10 and 11 and to be interviewed on a TV station July 13.  He knows that I love to help others to be healed from their past wounds, and that there are things in my own personal…

There comes a time in everyone's life when you must look in the mirror

Everyone who lives on earth will one day meet God and will be told if they will end up going to heaven or hell.  For those who lived a godly life, pure, loving, noble, giving, helping others, and encouraging others to choose Christ in their lives - they will be welcomed into heaven.  But for those who portrayed themselves to the public as a giving and loving person, attended church and maybe was a leader or even pastor, while behaving in deceitful, cunning, behind-the-scenes controlling / manipulative / lying and even abusive ways to their spouse and others, the Lord will tell them to depart from Him because He never knew them. There comes a day in everyone's life when you must look in the mirror and be real.  Who are you? How did you treat your spouse / children and others around you on a day to day basis? Did you act like you were loving and kind to those you "performed" for every day while saying horrible words to your spouse and children every day of your life?  Or were you the same loving and kind person behind closed doors as you were in the public eye and…

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