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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Friday, March 23 2018
08:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom Night at Huntsville, TX (north of Houston) @ 7 pm CST
Waverly Manor, Huntsville TX
Saturday, March 24 2018
02:00 PM EDT - 06:00 PM EDT
Deliverance Training / Equipping Conf at Huntsville, TX (North of Houston) 1-5 pm CST
Waverly Manor, Huntsville TX
Sunday, March 25 2018
09:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Worldwide Deliverance Session on Facebook LIVE 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST
Facebook LIVE, Carmel Indiana
Friday, March 30 2018
07:00 PM EDT - 09:30 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom Night at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada @ 7 pm
Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Ontario
Saturday, March 31 2018
10:00 AM EDT - 02:00 PM EDT
Deliverance Equipping / Impartation Conference @ 10 am - 2 pm EST
Niagara Falls, Niagara Falls Ontario
Friday, April 6 2018
07:00 PM EDT - 09:30 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom Night @ Springfield, Ontario (Canada) at 7 pm
Malahide Community Place, Springfield Ontario
Saturday, April 7 2018
01:00 PM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
Deliverance Equipping / Impartation Conference @ Springfield, Ontario @ 1-5 pm EST
Malahide Community Place, Springfield Ontario
Sunday, April 15 2018
10:00 AM EDT - 12:30 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom @ Eagles Nest Church Intn'l (Sandusky, OH) - 10:00 am EST
Eagles Nest Church International, Sandusky OH
Saturday, April 28 2018
02:00 PM EDT - 06:00 PM EDT
Deliverance Training / Equipping Conf at Houston TX from 1-5 pm CST
Refreshing Spring Ministries, Houston TX
Friday, May 4 2018
08:00 PM EDT - 10:30 PM EDT
Restored to Freedom Night @ San Antonio (Boerne) - 7 pm CST
Boerne TX, Boerne TX
Saturday, May 5 2018
02:00 PM EDT - 06:00 PM EDT
Deliverance Equipping / Impartation Conference @ San Antonio (Boerne) 1 pm - 5 pm CST
Boerne TX, Boerne TX
Friday, June 8 2018
07:00 PM EDT - 09:30 PM EDT
The REAL YOU Conference
New Life Assembly of God, Noblesville Indiana
Saturday, June 9 2018
11:00 AM EDT - 05:00 PM EDT
The REAL YOU Conference
New Life Assembly of God, Noblesville Indiana
Friday, June 15 2018
08:00 PM EDT - 10:30 PM EDT
The REAL YOU Conference @ 7 pm CST
TBD, Champaign - Urbana IL
Saturday, June 16 2018
12:00 PM EDT - 06:00 PM EDT
The REAL YOU Conference @ 11 am - 5 pm CST
TBD, Champaign-Urbana IL

God is cleaning up His church and ministries around the world

Many who operate in ministries and churches throughout the world are those who are like covert spies sent by the enemy to come against true freedom, deliverance, peace, love and joy.  They do just enough good works to keep people who do not discern in the spirit to not have an awareness to think it would be even remotely possible to believe that they are operating out of an impure heart.  After all they are a leader in the church or ministry so they would not possibly be able to be in that position without the Lord’s blessing being upon them, right?  Wrong. The actual truth is that many churches and ministries today are struggling due to having people within them operating in the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan.  Similar to the Pharisees of Jesus days, these people are simply desiring to appear godly with doing various works that look good to most people, but inside their hearts is a very deep and dark secret that they don’t want anyone to know about.  They are controlling and manipulating people to do what they want to serve them selfishly instead of selflessly.  They are desiring of increasing their own personal finances…

When is enough...enough?

Every month I hear from people around the world who have endured much verbal abuse from their spouses and wonder "when is it time to separate?" I personally know what it is like to endure some extreme tribulations as the Lord had me stay in a relationship for 6 years which caused me to endure constant verbal and emotional abuse, some physical abuse and some sexual control and manipulation and told me that I could not tell anyone until He released me. He told me that I had to go through it and that it was ultimately for other people around the world and would all be worth it in the end. It was finally on January 23, 2015 that the Lord told me to separate because the spirit within my wife hated me and ultimately wanted to kill me.  He said that once I separated that the Lord would begin to set up a worldwide ministry as  people would hear about me and come to get freedom.  I did not want to separate as I just wanted my wife to be set free from the spirits that she told me had spoken  "bad things about me" to her.  But…

Living a peaceful life in relationships

Most people desire to live a life that is free from strife and arguments.  If you are married to someone who consistently speaks hurtful words, controls you through making you do what they want or else they make your life miserable, or continually strives with you, then it is very hard to enjoy your life.  Some people have gone through divorces and are single yet they become lonely and then settle on marrying someone so they can have someone to talk to and share their lives with but then later they contend with strife similarly to their previous spouse and are more miserable then when they were single.  So it seems like it is a lose-lose situation in the world of marriage and relationships for more than 75% of the people in the world. Unfortunately, the enemy is behind the majority of strife in relationships as he causes people to hear his voice and then they act upon it or speak out what they are hearing and never realize it.  When a child is hurt by their parents through rejection, control, criticism, sarcasm, or worse – then they begin to hear the enemy speak to them in their minds and…

People who operate in the spirit of Jezebel will whisper lies about you

The spirit of Jezebel causes people to behave in ways that cause those who are in relationships with them to suffer greatly.  Today I am focusing on just a couple of the ways that spirit causes people to do their damage.  Keep in mind that people who operate in that spirit hear the voice of the enemy at a loud level within their minds as it controls them like a puppet.  They started to hear the voice of the enemy when they received deep emotional (and possibly physical or sexual) wounds from their father or mother.  They could not discern between their own thoughts and the enemy’s voice.   One of the behaviors of the spirit of Jezebel within a person is that they will lie or tell people half-truths about another person who is their target (often times their own spouse but others who get in their way).  If you attend a church together with your spouse and they have Jezebel you will know if they have spoken lies about you to others in the church because those people will look at you with disdain, disgust and usually distance themselves from you so they will not have to talk…

How to walk in peace 24 hours a day

Walking every day in peace is what every human desires. It does not matter if you are wealthy or poor – if you are constantly in fear, depression, anger, jealousy or a myriad of other negative behaviors, you desire the peace that passeth all understanding.  If you have physical infirmities in your body and have pain every day – you desire to walk pain free.  I have learned that in order to walk in peace and pain free we must ensure that the enemy no longer has a legal right to torment us.  If he has a right due to sins from our great grandparents, grandparents or parents or our own choices then we must break off those rights using our authority that Christ gave to us when he died on the cross. One area that the enemy affects many people is in the area of unforgiveness. If you have grown up with a parent (or both) who have hurt you through their words spoken, or acts committed against you – then you must choose to forgive them. If anyone has hurt you (which we all have people who have wronged us) then you must choose to forgive them. It…

The 800 lb gorilla in 95% of churches and ministries is named Jezebel

There is a huge 800 lb gorilla in every church and ministry in the world who does not talk about a certain subject.  Unfortunately over 95% of churches and ministries in the world avoid talking about that certain subject.  What is the subject – you may ask? It is the subject of people within the church and ministries operating in the spirit of Jezebel and Leviathan.  You see if you are the senior pastor of a church or leader of a ministry and fail to address this subject – then you allow people who operate in those spirits to do damage to the structure of the church and ministry. People who struggle with operating in the spirits of Jezebel  and Leviathan will vie for leadership positions with the church or ministries.  They want to be able to control other people in order to shut down true effectiveness of the church and other ministries.  They will often times become best friends with the leader at the top in order to be protected by them so they can operate in a covert way within the church or ministry. Then after they have been placed in that position of power, they will slowly…

Jezebel spirits will protect others who operate in the spirit of Jezebel

Those who operate in the Jezebel spirit will support others who have the Jezebel spirit and try to join together to discredit those who will expose the truth.  Jezebel wants to operate covertly and when those who operate in the Jezebel spirit start to become exposed then they get other Jezebels to join forces and manipulate the truth to their benefit to try to keep themselves looking good while lying about those who are exposing them. It is very important to look closely at the fruit of those who operate in the Jezebel spirit and to talk with people who have had relationships with them to uncover what the real truth is. They will try to isolate you and tell you not to tell anyone about the evil things that they have done to protect themselves from the truth being exposed.  They will even manipulate scripture under the guise of trying to silence the truth.  But the Lord will eventually shine the light of truth on them and expose them for all the world to see and they will no longer be able to live the lie by hiding in darkness. I have known of many people who will operate…

Its time to go on the offensive against the enemy!

The Lord told me this morning that it is time to no longer be on the defensive with the enemy but to go on the offensive.  When we are in a defensive position in sports we are trying to survive an attack and cover ourselves up for protection.  I have been staying at a home near San Antonio this weekend and watched a UFC fighter on TV who was retreating and trying to block the punches and kicks from his attacker.  It was very sad as he fell to the ground and was being punched several times before the official called the fight and gave the match to the victor. The Lord showed me today that He wants us to be the aggressor when it comes to the enemy and to cause him to cower and fall down until the fight is called and you are rewarded the victory. So just how do we do that? So many in this world have the spirit of Ahab and tolerate those who operate in the controlling, manipulative and threatening spirit of Jezebel.  One needs to break free from the spirit of Ahab so that they can stand up for purity, righteousness and…

The World is becoming aware of the spirits of Jezebel and Leviathan

I am hearing many testimonies around the world of people who are getting delivered from the hardest spirits on earth, Jezebel and Leviathan.  As more and more people become aware of what the characteristics and behaviors are of those spirits, then more people who operate in them cannot hide in their secrecy and continue to torment others.  More people ultimately become freed.  There are two types of people that I have observed who have those spirits:  Those who deny that they have the spirits at all who have them at a very strong level and resist getting set free and those who want to be set free of whatever is holding them back and then get freed. There are millions and millions of people who operate with the spirit of Jezebel (controlling, manipulative, lying, sexually selfish, dominating, raising voices, even becoming physically violent) and the spirit of Leviathan (prideful, twisting the truth in their minds, back and neck pain, insomnia, falling asleep when reading the Bible or a godly book or listening to the word, physical diseases like Fibromyalgia, Lupus, cancer).  They are pastors, pastor wives and mothers, worship leaders, teachers in the church, workers in Healing Rooms, on Prophetic…

What are the behavior traits if someone is being affected by the Jezebel spirit?

So what are the common behaviors that people who have endured this type of life in youth exhibit towards their spouse, children or others in the work place?  Below is a list of some common traits and, if one is truly honest (and that is the key to this book that the one reading it must be totally honest with themselves), they will probably identify with some or many of them.  The more of the pain that they have endured in their life from a father that was overly controlling, rejecting, and hurtful or a mother that was void of unconditional love the more of the behaviors they will exhibit. The more behavior traits that they exhibit the stronger the enemy spirit’s control of them will be and the harder it will be for them to admit they may have an underlying issue and the more challenging it will be for them to get free from the unhealthy control of the enemy.  There is a continuum and some may only exhibit a few of the behaviors, thus the spirit is not as strong upon them although it could still be present and active.  If they exhibit many or most of…

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