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Below are upcoming dates / locations that RESTORED TO FREEDOM will be near you!
Date/Time Event
Saturday, April 29 2017
02:00 PM EDT - 03:00 PM EDT
Warraw 2017 (Worship and Warfare Conference)
Rock Community Church, Indianapolis Indiana
Sunday, April 30 2017
10:00 AM EDT - 12:00 PM EDT
Encounter Holy Spirit, Prophecy & Freedom
New Covenant Worship Center, New Castle Indiana
Sunday, April 30 2017
06:00 PM EDT - 08:00 PM EDT
New Castle Youth - Holy Spirit Encounter
New Covenant Worship Center, New Castle Indiana
Wednesday, May 3 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 09:00 PM EDT
Encounter Holy Spirit, Prophecy & Freedom
New Life Assembly of God, Noblesville Indiana
Friday, May 5 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Encounter Holy Spirit, Prophecy & Freedom
Church For The Nations, Carmel Indiana
Sunday, May 7 2017
08:30 AM EDT - 01:00 PM EDT
Encounter Holy Spirit, Prophecy & Freedom
Church Alive, Lafayette Indiana
Thursday, May 11 2017
01:00 PM EDT - 07:00 PM EDT
Personal Ministry Sessions - Ft. Wayne & Columbia City, IN
Personal Homes, Ft Wayne Indiana
Friday, May 12 2017 to Saturday, May 13 2017
06:00 PM EDT - 07:00 PM EDT
Treasures For The Heart Ministries - Nelson Schuman
Personal Home, Rochester Indiana
Tuesday, May 30 2017
08:00 PM EDT - 09:00 PM EDT
Touched By Prayer interview with Lisa Palieri Perna, Princeton New Jersey
Friday, June 16 2017 to Sunday, June 18 2017
07:00 PM EDT
Accessing the Secrets in the Secret Place
Eastgate Event Center, Lancaster OH
Tuesday, June 20 2017
02:00 PM EDT - 03:00 PM EDT
TV Show
Lifestreams Ministry Center, Decatur IL
Tuesday, June 20 2017
07:30 PM EDT - 09:30 PM EDT
Accessing the Secrets in the Secret Place - 6:30 pm CDT
Lifestreams Ministry Center, Decatur IL
Wednesday, June 21 2017
07:00 PM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT
Prophetic Encounters-Edie Bayer, JoEllen Stevens, Kelli Keeton, Nelson Schuman
New Life Assembly of God, Noblesville Indiana

Learning that I had an authority in Christ changed everything

I had been a spirit filled Christian my entire life but no one ever told me about the greatest life-changing revelation until June of 2009.  A man from California explained to me that we could actually do the same things that Jesus did, but only if we learned about our authority in Christ.  I had never heard of this revelation before and was greatly intrigued. He explained to me that when we truly knew that we had the power of Jesus Christ living inside of us, then when we prayed we would expect to see the same results that Jesus did.  That the enemy could only keep spirits affecting us and infirmities on us as long as we did not exercise this authority.  It made a lot of sense to me when he explained that for the first time in my life. So upon learning about this revelation, I commanded the enemy spirits to go from my son, who had been afflicted for 10 years, and overnight he changed from being a disrespectful, argumentative 18 year old boy, to a loving, gentle and kind young man.  I wondered why the pastors in church never told me about this life-changing power…

A father's relationship with their children is profoundly impactful for a lifetime

So many people do not comprehend just how critical it is to love their children unconditionally and speak encouraging words over them.  I was fortunate and grew up with a father that loved me and valued me.  He encouraged me to do my best in every thing that I tried.  He came to my games in school and cheered me on.  He helped me when I had questions about various projects in my life. So I developed into a man who knew how to love others unconditionally and to encourage them to do their best.  I love people the way Christ intended, putting them ahead of my own selfish desires.  It is second nature to me to want to love on every one and to speak a positive word over them. Unfortunately that is not the norm in society.  Most children grew up with fathers that were distant and removed or felt tremendous rejection from them.  In many cases, they were hurt deeply with words that were critical and actions that were worse.  Some endured tremendous emotional, physical and even sexual abuse.  What happens inside of a child that must endure this type of father? The enemy begins to whisper…

Extreme personal sacrifice can develop into an extreme anointing from the Lord

When one is enduring an extreme tribulation in life, the Lord can use it later in our lives as an extreme anointing from Him when coming out the other side healed, redeemed and restored.  There is a vast difference between enduring an extreme circumstance when you have no choice in life (such as verbal abuse as a child or worse) and then willingly allowing yourself to be taken advantage of or emotionally abused (or worse) in a marriage. When one is a child and grows up with a parent (or both) who treat you with rejection, control, criticism or worse, there is much pain that develops which the enemy uses later in life.  The enemy whispers to you that you cannot trust anyone and based out of fear, you become very controlling and can be abusive to other relationships in life, sabotaging them.  But once healed later in life, through forgiveness and possibly through renunciation prayers commanding any enemy spirits, such as Jezebel or Leviathan, to be gone from your life, you can develop an anointing from the Lord to help many others get freed. When a person is married to someone who treats them with contempt, verbally criticizing them…

The Jezebel spirit causes people to lie at a very devious level

I recently had met with a woman at a cafe who had been struggling with her marriage.  She had grown up with deep rejection wounds from her mother and father.  She had already suffered from three divorces and was in her early 30's.  Her husband had reached out to me a few months earlier, desperate to help her get freedom from the enemy as she had behaved extremely abusively towards him during their short marriage.  He loved her greatly, yet the spirits inside of her were extremely controlling, manipulative as well as verbally and physically abusive to him. In my conversation with her at the cafe, I had explained how when a child grows up with feelings of rejection, harshness, control and manipulation from a parent (or both), how the enemy starts to whisper to them that they are not wanted, they cannot trust their parents, and that they will need to trust no one in their lives.  That they must be extremely controlling of their circumstances and get their own way on most everything.  The enemy whispers to them constantly and torments most every decision, totally unaware to them.  Their spouse receives the full brunt of their pain once…

Getting Physical Healing Through Deliverance of Spirits

This past weekend I was able to participate in a launch of a Healing Rooms at Deeper Life Church in Redondo Beach, CA as well as to connect with people at Bethel Church in Sanger, CA and in a personal home in Fresno, CA. I really enjoy working personally with people because I love seeing the Holy Spirit get to the root of the issue to dislodge what needs to be done from a spiritual perspective instead of immediately praying for physical pain like I was initially trained on by a church that did not follow the Holy Spirit. When I first opened up my own Healing Room back in October of 2015 the Lord told me to always get insight on what was going on in the person's life by first getting a word from the Holy Spirit. The reason was that often times the pains were being caused by the enemy spirit and were not due to a fall, car accident or other physical trauma. So what I do is ask the Lord for a word and then I speak out what I hear. I have found that the Holy Spirit knows exactly what needs to be done…

The Impact a father has on a child is life altering

When a child grows up without a father or with a father who is not involved in their life or is harsh and critical to a child, the ramifications of what occurs can be devastating for a lifetime.  I have ministered to thousands of people around the world and have seen the fallout from what happens when children received wounds in their hearts from a father that never unconditionally loved and cherished their children.   It is important to think about what occurs inside the mind of a child when feeling rejected by their father.  The enemy begins to whisper to the young child in their minds telling them that they cannot be protected by their father. That they cannot trust their father.  So they must begin to protect themselves. This causes the child to turn inward and believe a lie that all people are like their fathers and they cannot trust anyone.  They begin to live a life based in fear.  They must control their circumstances around them.  They begin to manipulate others in order to get what they want.  They often have an unhealthy sexual selfishness that develops where they either want to have sex in a demanding…

How I grew in my anointing for miracles and healings through prayer

In 2013 I began to receive more confidence in my authority to step out and pray for other people and began to see healings in others’ lives.  Interestingly, I saw many that I prayed for healed from scoliosis and back pain at a very high success rate which was an issue I had to personally overcome in my own life. One day I got a call from a lady who lived somewhere in Indianapolis and said she felt led to call because she had found my ministry website The woman said she could physically see demons in her home and they would get on top of her in bed and grab her arms and dig their claws into her forearms and also harass and scare her seven year old daughter.  I was very excited to take on some demons because I felt I was getting stronger in my authority and was finally up to some real challenges.    The woman put me on speaker phone and I listened to the Lord and He told me exactly what to say to command the demons to be gone from her home in Jesus name and she saw and felt them all…

So just who was Jezebel in the Old Testament?

So just who was Jezebel in the Old Testament?  It is important to know the history of the woman that took on the moniker for these insidious behaviors. Scripture References—1 Kings 16:31; 18:4-19; 19:1, 2; 21:5-25; 2 Kings 9 The spirits of control, deceit, seduction, witchcraft and murder which came against God’s anointed were operating in the world long before the woman who exemplified these spirits was born. The spirit of Jezebel is neither female nor mail as it is a demon. Queen Jezebel symbolized the combined capabilities of all these spirits better than anyone and thus naming this spirit after her was most appropriate. This scheming and evil woman with a history of murder truly represented the spirit that bore her name as by nature she was a most proud, immoral, manipulative and even murderous woman. She was a seductress, using all the ploys of a sensual woman trying to lure in her prey using all her methods both physically and emotionally.  Jezebel was rejected by her father and had a controlling mother. She was the daughter of Ethbaal, king of the Zidonians, and priest of Baal worshipers. The Phoenicians were an extraordinary race, and outstanding as the great…

My awakening to how we can all walk in Divine health

A couple of months after my son was set free from 10 years of torment, I told my mentor that I felt led to start reading some Christian books and asked which ones he would recommend.  He said the top book was a very short read called The Believers Authority, by Kenneth E. Hagin.  I told him I had not heard of the book and was very excited to start reading it.  He said that it would give me a solid base to receive revelation into my Spirit about my true authority in Jesus Christ. John 14:12-14 NKJV “12Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My father. 13And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.” I had read that scripture several times before, but I never truly believed that we could actually do the same things that Christ did because I hadn’t experienced it. At least I never believed I could actually…

How does the Jezebel spirit torment people?

There are many enemy spirits and some have names that we can identify. What has been harassing a person for years and often times a lifetime since as early as their teens? Why do they behave the way they do?  Why can they not live a peace filled, gentle and loving life?  Why are they unable to enjoy a loving relationship with their spouse and children even after spending months, years or a lifetime in counseling/therapy? It is a spirit that exhibits much control, manipulation and causes a person to easily lie and drives them to dominate more than any other spirit. It especially attacks those that the Lord has a strong calling on and who could become greatly anointed once completely set free from all the oppressing spirits.  Many will become extremely anointed especially that have endured the worst conditions as a child as the enemy wanted to destroy and control, never allowing its victim to become set free and know what has been haunting them for a lifetime. How does this spirit gain entry into a person? Through the years of pain, rejection, control, anger and possible abuse from the person’s father (and sometimes mother) this extreme hurt…


Nelson L. Schuman is founder and president of Restored To Freedom in Carmel, IN. He is an author, writer, dynamic speaker and teacher ministering restoration of lives and marriages. He has an extremely strong anointing for deliverance, physical healings and providing prophetic insightful words from the Lord. He is also the Director of the Healing Rooms at New Life Assembly of God in Noblesville, IN   Nelson graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Sales and Marketing and has received ministry training through Bethel Church, Todd White, Robby Dawkins, Bob Hazlett, Joan Hunter, Kenneth Copeland, Morris Cerullo, Kenneth Hagin,…
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