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The Jezebel spirit causes people to wear a mask of deception

Over the past two years I have worked with thousands of people around the world to gain freedom from operating in the Jezebel spirit.  I have seen about 85-90% who have been able to break free from that spirit within a one hour session.  The Jezebel spirit causes people to behave very controlling, manipulatively, prideful and very deceptively with the intent of shutting down true deliverance and causing those who desire to do the Lord’s work to feel completely desolate.  They especially want to silence the prophetic voice.

The Jezebel spirit causes people to appear to be very charismatic, loving and altruistic, while behind closed doors they twist the truth, are dominating and constantly in strife as they desire no peace for all those that get in their way.  So they are like Academy award winning actors, portraying themselves to be the sweetest person in the world to their unsuspecting victims, while those married to them are being tortured with a constant negative barrage of comments and feeling like a puppet controlled by their selfish desires.

So the general public that do not truly know the person, believe that they are giving, helpful, and desiring things of the Lord.  They are very adept at appearing to be like Mother Theresa, while behind the scenes are scheming to control others and shut down those in the church who are truly desiring to help people to heal.  It is very challenging to discern who the real person is at surface value.  One must be around them over time in order to see who they are when no one  is looking.

In order to get a person freed from the Jezebel spirit, they must be honest.  Jezebel is a professional grade liar at the core.  As long as the person continues to deny their behavior behind close doors, there is nothing anyone  can do to help them.  I have seen where many have gone to counselors and pastors their entire lives, yet blame their spouse or other relationships for being the issue, instead of being honest with their own abhorrent behavior.

When a counselor takes their word at face value (and who wants to think that the person is lying to us), then that person will get to keep their Jezebel spirit, while losing their relationships with their spouse and others.  Thus the only way a person can be truly set free from Jezebel is to be totally honest. Then the Holy Spirit can convict them gently that it is time to be pure and righteous before the Lord and then they can take their authority and command the spirit to be forever gone.

The majority of the people that come to me have finally come to the end of their deceit and poor behavior, and are honest and thus get freedom instantly as the spirit leaves them when I guide them through a powerful prayer of deliverance.  Are you ready to be honest in front of the Lord?  If so we can help you get free today.   If you are not ready, you can keep your lies and wear your mask, but you will not feel the true freedom in Christ.  I would recommend honesty which leads to true freedom.


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